About OrlY



As a skilled and enthusiastic teacher with key experience instructing students in Hebrew Language to encourage language retention and eventual fluency, it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. 

My professional background spans more than 25 years of experience teaching a foreign language at the primary, middle, high school, and university levels, and includes planning, leading, and continually improving language programs to achieve measurable language progress.  By teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds and learning styles, I have honed my communicative, creative, and motivational skills. Additionally, my inherent passion for Hebrew language and Israeli culture has fostered exciting and engaging classes, and has successfully encouraged and developed thoughtful and enthusiastic students.

After moving to Los Angeles, I worked as a primary and middle school Hebrew teacher at Pressman Academy, where I also served as the Hebrew Language Department Chair. Following my tenure at Pressman Academy, I was the Hebrew Department Coordinator, Hebrew instructor, and mentor teacher at AJU (American Jewish University) in Los Angeles. I also hold a Hebrew Advisors Certificate from Hebrew at the Center’s TeLeM professional development program for select Hebrew Language educators.

I see myself as a change agent committed to elevating the status of the Hebrew language and to professionalizing the field of Hebrew education nationally and internationally. I strive to advance effective teaching practices and optimize individual student achievements in Hebrew language acquisition. To that end, in 2018, I created 972 Education, Inc., to provide Hebrew language and Israeli culture instruction to companies, schools, adults, and children. 972 Education offers 21st century Hebrew language and Israeli culture instruction using the Proficiency Approach and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Readiness Standards for teaching a second language.

I am a volunteer member of MATI (Merkaz Tarbut Yisraeli), the Israeli Culture Center non-profit organization, in Los Angeles. 

It is my goal to combine my range of experiences with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, and intelligent teacher who will make a positive contribution to you, my future customers. This would be the next step as I continue to channel my passion to teach Hebrew Language and Israeli Culture.